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The attire for imperial session is actualy quite simple. Most of the time you will wear your temple divan outfit or casual outfit. If you are not on the divan and don't have the casual outfit, dress Business Casual. Below is a list of some of the events and what to wear just so you get an idea. Also, these are just general guidelines. Your potentate may have other ideas. It's always best to check with him. Remember, NO SHORTS during the sessions.

Church Service: Divan/Temple outfit or Business Casual. No Fez.

Public Opening: Divan/Temple outfit or Business Casual. Wear Fez.

Pageant: Divan/Temple outfit or Business Casual. Wear Fez.

When Do I wear my Fez?

Church Service: NO

Public Opening: YES

Imperial Sessions: YES

Pageant: YES

And, as always, your potentate can overide all of this. Check with Him.


You will wear your Temple Divan Outfit or Business Casual for most events. Ask your first lady. She usually sets the tone for the event.

Other activities both men and ladies: resort casual unless your temple potentate directs otherwise.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Imperial Session in Daytona Beach

PS: Remember, we are at the beach!! Pack 2 bathing suits if you have them. It's not very nice (or easy) to put on a wet suit!!